Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cousin Sleepover!

On Friday my girls had the most exciting night ever (according to Emily).  Their cousins got to sleep over!  

Everyone started out so nicely but sadly, they weren't so excited to go to sleep. I told them you're supposed to SLEEP on a sleepover!  (They didn't believe me.)  In case you're wondering, Heidi had to go to the crib soon after this photo was taken.  It was just way too much to jump out of bed and slam the doors.  

Finally, at 11:30, when everyone was asleep, I went into take some photos.  It looked like a crime scene!  

Scott always tells me I shouldn't worry when the house looks like this.  If any robbers come in while we're asleep they'll know the house was already robbed and the good stuff is gone. 

Do Savannah and Carolina look like sisters or what?

At least Molly was reading her scriptures when she passed out in the six inches between her bed and nightstand.  


Stacey said...

And you were so perky and seemingly full of energy the next day... How do you do it???

Herlehy Family said...

How fun! I loved having sleep over’s when I was a kid. I am happy to see that your children make messes.

Stephanie said...

Isn't it funny (and a little annoying) to see where everything lands in the morning? Including children? Glad you could FIND them all. Cousin sleep-overs are the BEST (not necessarily for the parents involved, though) How long did it take you to dig out the kids???

Wright Life said...

laurie, that is so dang funny!! It does look like a crime scene, and I love where molls fell asleep! I wish I were at your house too for the sleepover!

Farrah said...

Oh my gosh, I cannot believe Molly fell asleep there. That really truly made me laugh out loud!

Amy K said...

That picture of Molly is funny and the whole robbers thing made me laugh! It is awesome your girls have cousins to make fun memories with. I love it.

monica said...

Molly is so funny. I love how she fell asleep wedged between her bed and nightstand. How fun to have cousins so close!

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