Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Smoke on the Water

Have you heard?  We're stuck with lots of smoke around here and we're a little tired of it. Instead of staying inside (again) the other night we went boating.  At the end of June the lake is usually JAM PACKED with boaters.  Not this week!  We had great, albeit smoky, conditions. (You should have seen the sun as it set.  Gorgeous!)  Good times!  Thanks P's.

Jesse turned three on Tuesday.  We tried to wish him happy birthday but we couldn't drag him out of the water.  

Here's Molly, looking mischievous again. She's always up to something.

No Heidi, not until you're 16!

Here are Blake and Cecilee, the other two waterbugs of the night, looking wet and happy.

Emily did a great job swimming in the lake and continued her tradition of doing so without getting her hair one bit wet.  Good work!


NaDell said...

So cute! Petersen's should pay you to update their blog too!

Stephanie said...

What a fun excursion! We haven't been boating with the boys ever. Sad, eh? It's on our list of things we want to do with them, though. We, too, are pretty tired of the smokey skies. Hopefully, it will clear out soon. At least it hasn't been like 110 degrees along with it.

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