Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fathers & Sons

Molly and Emily love going on the Fathers and Sons campout.
Emily is getting pretty smart.  This year she asked, "Dad, why do they call it the Father Son campout?" Scott told her it was a good question and that it was called that because all of the people there had a father and all of the fathers were sons.  

That was good enough for her.  Maybe next May she will realize that she and Molly (and Heidi next year!) are the only girls there.  Hey, as long as Scott gets to help plan and attend, he figures why not take the girls?   It's not like he has any sons to take.  

Molly was too tired for questions.


Ransom said...

So cute. Andy plans on taking Vincent next year. He does go every year with one of our game night buddies though, or with one of our dads.

Smarties said...

David just went to his first Father and Sons campout this weekend as well! I'm glad that Emily and Molly and Scott enjoy them so much. Spencer was kind of upset when mommy and our girls weren't going, and kept asking when there was going to be a Father and Sons and Sisters and Moms campout. Once he got there, he had a great time (the marshmallows played a big part). Poor guy did miss out on mommy high-centering the passenger-side front wheel in a 2 foot deep gutter in Provo with the girls on Friday night. Some nice friends let us borrow their second car to drive home that night and then we had the car towed the next morning. So much for a fun girls night out!

I love you blog, Laurie! It makes me laugh everytime I see it. :)

Raimi said...

If he ever wants to add a few boys to that Father Son outing, i know where he can borrow a few! Let me know, I am willing anytime!

I think that's great that he takes them!

Stephanie said...

So ... is Emily not a morning person???! I bet they had so much fun camping with Dad. Scott's a good sport bringing the girls. Oh, and I'm with Raimi on this one: we have boys you can borrow, too!!

bill, katie, and co. said...

Bill and Cannon are headed to the Father/sons campout this weekend. Luckily we've got one he can "legally" take with him. BUT, I'm sort of wishing that we just had all girls so they could ALL go for a little campout with Dad like Scott did with the girls.

Cute, smarty-pants girls you've got!

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