Friday, November 9, 2007

Halloween - Part Three!

Halloween was a big day for us. We started the candy haul early in Davis where we trick-or-treated through the stores. Not only is Davis a cute town but we actually get to see the kids in their costumes in the daylight. Another handy thing is being able to see what candies the girls score. Luckily they are good sharers because I don't have a lot of self control.


Lulucarrot said...

So a monkey, a ladybug and cat walk into the bar and the monkey says to the ladybug, Why are you bigger than me? The cat also asks, Why are you bigger than me...

Okay, my only defense for the above is that I am tired.

Tim and Monica said...

You have the cutest little girls! I love their costumes. What a good idea to do some trick-r-treating during the day.

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