Saturday, July 21, 2007


Thank goodness they came a spaced farther than most triplets. These photos were all taken when the girls were exactly the same age - to the day. They are lucky to have such a nerdy mom. Can you match the right names to the right girls?


Raimi said...

How cute are those triplets of yours :)!!! What a fun idea!


Wright Life said...

I could be wrong, but

Tim and Monica said...

I'm with Kristen on the order. So cute!

Gionz Zone said...

Okay, I cannot tell one bit! What a cute idea & what cute girls!

Laurie, Scott, Emily, Molly & Heidi said...

YES! Kristen is wright! (so appropriate for the name)

Petersen said...

I agree with Wright Life
Emily (the blue wall gave this one away)

Martha Blood said...

I was guessing Heidi, Molly and Emily--but I see I had the first two mixed up! I need to spend some more time with these girls--how about at the end of August?

Stacey said...

You are so organized!!I would never of been so thoughtful to remember to do such a thing. My guess is Molly, Heide, Em?? Right??

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